Mina Olen Noiduttu



Author / Creator : A.P. Delchi

Artist :   Anna Wieszczyk 

Status : Noiduttu #3 is at the printers and has an estimated release date of 4/1/19


David Waters was just another NYU graduate student of archaeology and mythology  until he  decided to choose an obscure Finnish tale from the Kalevala as the subject for his thesis.  Little did he know the choice would change his life forever. In one defining moment he discovered that not only is the Noiduttu real, but that the myths of the ages hold more truth to them than anyone suspects. Set in a Manhattan that exists only in the hearts and souls of those who were there David sets out on a journey that will leave him spellbound. 

NOIDUTTU #1 : I Am Driven by my Longing ......

Meet David Waters, who lives an ordinary life in Manhattan spending his time between part time jobs, his Thesis, and the nightclubs where life and imagination run wild. Hounded by his professor to declare his thesis David takes a night off to party at MOTHER. Meanwhile in the past the Noiduttu claims her first victim. 

NOIDUTTU #2 : .. And my understanding urges

While the police silently clean up the aftermath of a very strange murder scene, David defends his thesis and learns the first lessons of his new life. An unnamed patron offers to fund his thesis research and his professor introduces him to a person who will determine if David is ready to face the new world before him.


NOIDUTTU #3 : .... Let us clasp our hands together

David attempts to come to terms with his new life , his new friends, and completely fails. Fresh from the ritual of the Luotettu he tries to escape to sanity only to find himself deeper than ever in a new world that was all around him all along. Officer K takes the evidence from the park murder to a specialist who has some disturbing news for him. 

NOIDUTTU #4 : .... Let us interlock our fingers

An adventure awaits David at the underground nightclub MOTHER. What was to be a night out to take a break from him preparations to meet his patron becomes another step down the rabbit hole of his new life. 

Theme song for Noiduttu. Lyrics by A.P. Delchi