Noiduttu Rollcall


David Waters

David Waters never gave up on his boyhood dream of becoming involved in archaeology and mythology. His parents believed it would pass, but when he refused to become the lawyer his father wanted or the doctor his mother wanted, he held true to his dream. Now a graduate student at NYU he is well versed in making his own way. What he never expected was that his choice of a thesis topic would change his life forever.



A somewhat enigmatic DJ, Demetrius performs in various Gothic clubs in the city. A friend to many, but a mystery from his past controls his fate. 



The daughter of  Päivätär , also known as  Kuutar the Goddess of the sun and the moon. Mythology states that she was exiled to Earth because of her ability to remove all sorrow, displeasing the queen of hell.
"Defining the beauty of the light
 Defining the beauty of the dark"


Stephen Hastings

A successful businessman, Hastings is not only one of the richest men in the country but he is also an avid collector of objects and stories of the past. His obsession with the Noiduttu myth is based on his personal motto "Know the past, Dominate the future". 


Professor Rawls

Professor Rawls has guided David through his career at NYU, only to watch him fumble with his thesis. He tries  ardently to steer him away from the Noiduttu as a topic, but never really says why.