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Lastcall Rollcall


Tero / Lastcall

A mild mannered bartender who finds himself transformed into a super hero by an alien bottle opener. Hey ... We were drunk when I came up with this idea, so roll with it. Inventor of the Terodise , the greatest drink in the world .... tribute.



Once upon a time there were  mountains. Then there were men. Now there is Al. Whiskey, friendship and his motorcycle make him a formidable and excellent human being. 



She will tell you she is not as badass as this picture looks. Don't be fooled. It's not easy having a boyfriend who is a super hero. Look up tough in the dictionary and you will see her picture.



Part hacker, part whiskey storage , part trivia machine. Less human than human. Drives a converted city bus filled with geek gear and is always on call to help Lastcall.



A bartender's bartender. He keeps the drinks cold, the TV interesting and  nickelback off the jukebox.  Just don't sit on his motorcycle. Not even Lastcall can save you if you do that. 


A & B

The (former) security guards at Area 51 that started it all! After 'borrowing' a UFO and consuming the minibar of alien liquor inside, they crash landed in the desert. They were promptly fired, but don't worry they can always get a job at DIVEBAR.